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It's the hottest month of the year, July, so what better way to celebrate than showing you some of the best, real granny profile pics we can find from our exclusive and dirty granny dating site! This is Amanda and she is 56 and lives in Chelsea. She absolutely loves having her tits sucked and being fucked doggy style while her date grabs her hair from behind. She loves wearing skimpy outfits as they make her feel sexy and naughty, but more than that she loves to see them on the bedroom floor of the younger guys she meets online for casual no striangs sex. Meet Elaine, she is 63 and lives in Norfolk. She is a larger than life granny who loves to be dominate in the bedroom. Her biggest turn-ons are guys with big dicks, but don't know how to use them. She loves how her experience really makes men beg to fuck her. During sex she loves giving long, sloppy blowjobs and having guys put their fingers up deep inside her ass. She regularly attends swinging and dogging events, and says her sex-drive keeps increasing as she gets older. She has a lot of messages to her profile, and says the best way to get her attention is to be a gentlemen.   Here is Joan. She is 62 and lives in the West-Midlands. She has been a member here for over 5 years and says she can't ever imagine the day she leaves. She is one of the sexiest and hottest grannies we know and is regularly posting dirty profile pics of herself for all other members to enjoy. When asked what her perfect date would be, she replied, a porn movie and a lot of sex toys and lube! She prides herself on being able to go all night long, one time she managed to get fucked 8 times in just one evening!  

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I want to share a story with you. It's about a woman called Joan, my Joaney. I met her on a dating website that aimed to help guys like me, with a granny fetish, contact and meet older women like her. When I first saw her dating profile I was instantly hooked on her. She had a the most beautiful, seductive smile that drew me in instantly, the other pics she displayed were also very arousing. Some of her lying naked on a bed, legs spread wide with a big black vibrator deep inside her retro bushed pussy. One photo she had posted was of another man with his tongue all over hard nipples at the end of her busty, saggy chest. I thought to myself, how dare this man take my Joaney like this. It made me want her, want her more than anything in the world. After only signing up to the site for a few hours I upgraded to a premium account so that I could get in contact with my new found fetish. On her profile it said she was 55. She carried all the experience and wisdom of a woman who knew what she wanted from a man. I could tell she would know her way around the bedroom. I fantasised about what she would be like when left alone in her room. One hand working it's way deep inside her moist old pussy, the other running along her chest, playing with those big hard nipples. The very image made me come in seconds, and I'm not someone who has a problem with PE (premature ejaculation). I waited with berated breath for her reply. Days passed by, other women contacted me, who were all beautiful and mature, but they weren't my Joaney. I had my sights set firmly on this prize and I wouldn't stop at anything until I could taste it. After a few days I was starting to lose hope that she would ever contact me back. I started up conversations with other women, I had setup a few dates with other members. Although I was devastated I thought there was no point in wasting an opportunity to fulfil my granny fetish, even if Joaney didn't want me. It was at this point that I got a photo message reply sent straight to my dating account. It was from her, My Joaney! I clicked the message and it opened up. There she was, naked as the day god made her. It was exactly like my fantasy, one hand inside her old, wet cunt, the other on her tits. But written across her belly in lipstick was a message. 'Dear Roger, sorry about the late reply. Don't worry. I've not stopped thinking about you....'

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I want to tell you a story, a story about how I got myself addicted to naked granny selfies, and how what I do to help control this kinky addiction. Several years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, I was playing in a county football match. I've always been BIG into footy, and have been a regular player ever since my dad started taking me to premiership games to support Aston Villa - our local club. During this particular county cup game, god I remember it so vividly, I scored our winning goal, and celebrated by running towards our fans and throwing my hands into the air to celebrate. It was, at that moment I noticed a face in the crowd winking at me, it was a bright day, so the glare from the sun made it tricky to see with complete visibility, but I could definitely make out that this stranger was not of young age, in fact she was very, very old. The sunshine illuminated off her thick grey and white hair, giving her an almost angelic quality. It sounds utterly bizarre, but just from that short, 15 second interaction I instantly knew this woman was experienced, filthy and I had to explore my curiosity for naked grannies that had suddenly developed deep inside my loins. The game ended, we had won, and spirits were high. Some of the boys wanted to go out and celebrate in town, they were keen for me to go, but I couldn't stop thinking about this dirty granny my eyes had met just a short time earlier. At that exact moment my phone goes off, BEEP-BEEP, it's a text message from a number I don't have... I open it up, to my complete and utter shock and surprise it's an old naked woman with her legs spread, and her fingers deep inside her sagging vagina... OMG, It's the woman in the crowd! My heart flutters and my dick stirs, I can feel a sense of intense euphoria and horniness all over my body. I don't bother showering, I pack up my things and tell the boy's I'm feeling ill and won't be joining them tonight - I run home as fast as possible. Back at home I spill my beans all over the photo I have just been sent. I then start texting back, asking this old stranger for more photos, begging in fact for her to send me more naked selfies. I'm hooked, obsessed, I've never been more turned on in all my life. The shape of her body, her old sagging skin,  the years of experience she has had and want's to share with me, it's almost too much for me to handle. She say's she never normally sends out photos to random numbers, but said she was attracted to me and managed to get my number from a football agency website she found.... Hot and smart I thought to myself. I asked her where I can see more naked grannie selfies, she pointed me here, to I've been signed up to this website for over 2 years now, and don't know what I would do without it. It's true what they say. once you go granny you'll never want another woman's fanny.

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